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How would it feel if your Brand felt like ‘home’?

What would you be doing if your message was clear and attracted not just more clients, but the right clients?

Imagine if your business was built on a solid brand foundation so you can make smart + strategic marketing and sales decisions…rather than chasing every hack, hustle, or tactic du jour of the moment.

What if your brand was infused with more of you and what you want to be known for?

Your brand is so much more than a catchy tagline, pretty logo, or beautiful color palette. A genuine and magnetic brand is about connection, communication, and leadership in your area of expertise.

What you stand for (and against!) is the beacon that your dream clients are waiting to hear, and that only you can deliver. Your brand is the way to having the impact that you know you are meant to make and being seen as the specialist/expert you are.

I’m Danielle M Miller, a personal brand strategist + educator who has been working with service-based entrepreneurs over the last 8 years in helping them shape a genuine, authentic brand so they can share their message and be irresistible to all the right people. I’m the creator of the FeelGood Brand Method ™, Co-Founder of Her Influential Brand, and author of the book: Smartypants Branding.


An investment in brand strategy and development can be a very expensive endeavor for entrepreneurs who are their business. And while it is well worth every single penny, not every entrepreneur is able to access custom branding packages with a seasoned strategist.

Until now.

The School of Branding was borne out of the deep desire to help as many personal brands get clear on the message they want to share and shape a solid and powerful brand foundation around that message. The School of Branding will give you the right tools and strategies so you craft a brand with depth, discernment, and alignment. You’ll develop a brand that will grow and evolve naturally and organically…without feeling like a cookie cutter version of someone else’s brand.

I invite you to come home to a FeelGood(tm) brand you love.

Much Love