The School of Branding

The simple framework to build a wildly profitable and irresistible brand that attracts your dream clients, positions you as an expert, and infuses more of you into your business

The School of Branding is the essential brand foundation course for solo and creative entrepreneurs to get clear on their message, attract the clients they love working with and build a business that makes them money.

This course will teach how to have the business you want with a brand you love...because success your way, on your terms is the only way to do business!


Imagine if your brand was a magnet for the right people aka Dream Clients and you had a business that was positioned as the only choice for those Dream Clients all without compromising your values, personality, or authenticity.

Imagine if all the things that go along with a thriving business like sales, marketing, promotions, and pitching yourself felt fun and light rather than heavy and like a chore to avoid.

Imagine feeling energized about your products, services, and clients rather than drained and exhausted when you go to work each day.

Imagine feeling clear and confident in your brand voice, the message you have to share, and how you want to be perceived out in the world.

Oohhh, it sounds so delightful, doesn't it?

Well, my friend, it’s absolutely possible...right here, right now.

Know this: Having a brand is not a luxury for a solo or creative entrepreneur. It’s not an accessory nice-to-have-when-I-can-afford-it kind of thing that only the big names in your industry can afford to have. In today’s competitive digital landscape it’s an investment and absolute necessity to a successful business.

Your brand is your secret advantage to standing out from everyone else. Gone are the days of hanging out your shingle, posting a few times on social media, and having the right people find you. That strategy simply won’t work in this digital age of information overload and noisy competitive landscape.


The #1 reason you don’t have the business you want is that you don’t have a brand you love.

But there’s a remedy for that and it’s The School of Branding.

Far too many consultants, coaches, creatives, authors, speakers and those who pour their heart and soul into their work are focusing on the wrong thing in their business. Throwing your money at the latest marketing hack, hustle, blueprint, formula, sales funnel, or quick fix is not the answer to the frustration, overwhelm and struggle you’re having in your business.

The real answer lies in be willing to getting clear on your message, defining who your work is for, and embracing the truth of you.


Errryone is looking for more clients or customers. This is the wrong approach. You don’t need more clients, you need the right clients. Clients that are drawn to you, clients who know in their bones that you are the only choice to help them solve their problem, and who value your expertise and gifts.

You want a brand and business that completely feels like you...what you stand for, the work you do, and what you believe is possible for your right people. This means you must be absolutely clear on what that looks like before you start marketing, selling, and positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

No fake personas or being something you’re not (or want to be) needed here.

Your brand must be the hardest working asset in your business.

The School of Branding is a simple, yet incredibly powerful framework for brand clarity. I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned about brand strategy over the last 12 years working with hundreds of clients into a step by step process that builds your brand into a rich, vibrant brand with depth and clarity.

What you get when you join The School of Branding:

Module 1

Hocus Pocus, It’s Time to Focus

The journey to your irresistible brand starts with setting the stage for your brand to be recognized and remembered. We’ll hone in on what your vision of success looks like for your brand and business, what’s really keeping you from being visible, expose and exit the fears holding you back, and develop the proper mindset to confidently own your expertise and get focused on how you want your brand to be perceived moving forward.

Module 2

Building the Brand Foundation

Inside this module, you’ll find the essence of your brand. You’ll craft your Mission and Vision Statements, identify your Core Values, and discover the precise message you want to share with the world. The elements are really the secret ingredients to you awesome-brand-sauce.

Module 3

The YOU Infusion

Here’s where we really start to kick up a notch! You’ll learn what your Leading Archetype in, your gifts, and that undeniable magnetic YOU factor that draws your right people to you easily and effortless so that you can develop lasting relationships and raving fans. This is where you take control of incredible, remarkable you so you can make the impact you truly want!

Module 4

You + Your Dream Clients

Without clients or customers, you have an expensive hobby, not a business. Inside you’ll dive much deeper than the traditional ICA and make your dream clients real, living, breathing people who you deeply understand. We’ll create the deep, strong emotional connections that keep your delighted clients coming back for more and turns them into fierce loyalists to your brand.

Module 5

Hone Your Brand Voice + Vibe

Powerful branding leads to a powerful brand, How you speak, the words you use, and the imagery you choose are so much more than pretty colors and a tagline. Your branding is what represents your brand out in the world and sets the stage to position you as the trusted guide to help people solve the problem that is driving them crazy. This is where your brand personality shines and has your Dream Clients falling in love with you.

Module 6

Blending Your Secret Sauce

Here’s where we put it all together to create your signature Brand Experience. You’ll map out your brand touchpoints and create a brand journey that your right people can’t wait to take the first step into.’ll learn the most powerful wat of setting yourself up as the go-to expert in your industry.

Plus two BONUS modules!

Bonus Module 1

Imbibe Your Vibe

In this additional module, you’ll discover how the visual part of your brand relates to your Leading Archetype, Core Values, and what essentials you must consider before you choose a color palette for your brand. We’ll do this by creating a Brand Mood Board that captures the essence and spirit of your brand. This module is my personal favorite and every client I’ve ever worked with loves it!

Bonus Module 2

Create Your Brand Style Brief

Private clients pay me thousands of dollars just for this brand element alone, but you won’t have to! Your brand style brief is the compass that you will use to measure every decision you make in your business (sounds dramatic, but yes, it’s that important, and yes, you need one!). Everything you’ve learned about your brand will be compiled into an easily accessible format for you and anyone working in your business. An invaluable companion to your business!

"Danielle Miller is a branding genius."
kendrick-shope copy

"Danielle Miller is a branding genius. I hired her to take my entire team through her brand assessment because so many business owners miss this piece of the puzzle. What Danielle teaches should be required for anyone who is serious about running a professional business AND one that makes money. Not only did my clients love working with her but she delivered information that jump-started their businesses."

-Kendrick Shope, Creator of Authentic Selling

Who is this for?

  • Coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, photographers, healers; really anyone who is a brand of one!
  • Beginner entrepreneurs who know there has to be more to a brand than just a logo and tagline.
  • Solo and creative entrepreneurs who want to build their Brand Foundation the right way.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as go-to experts in their field.
  • Anyone who has ever said, “I don’t have a brand!”

What’s Next

The next part is easy-peasy! Once you’ve decided that The School of Branding is right for you, simply choose your payment option below and you’ll have immediate access to all of the goodness waiting for you inside The School of Branding!

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A proven framework for building a brand that authentic, aligned, and irresistible

  • A proven framework for building a brand that authentic, aligned, and irresistible.
  • Lifetime access to all course materials and updates.
  • Instant access to the ENTIRE Course immediately upon payment.
  • Private Facebook community with additional trainings and office hours with Danielle.
  • 6 modules + 2 bonus modules with easy to digest, bite-size lessons so that you can get into action and implement quickly.
  • Oodles of real-life examples to draw inspiration from.
  • The Brand Advantage Archetype Quiz with Leading Archetype results.
Plus Pay in Full Bonuses
  • The Secret Sauce About Page Template.
  • Private webinar on websites that work with Danielle and Jennifer Crego, Web Design and Small Business Strategist.

The FAQs

Will The School of Branding work for me?

Only to the extent that you put into it. In other words, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS COURSE if you aren’t willing to do the work required. Brand strategy is an investment and should be treated as such. In teaching this course, I have taken years of working with clients who have paid thousands of dollars for my expertise and made the framework incredibly affordable to entrepreneurs who have a lot of grit and gumption, but not the funds to invest in working with me privately.

I’m just starting out, should I enroll in The School of Branding?

A resounding YES! You are EXACTLY who I’ve created this course for! If you’re just starting out, The School of Branding will save you years of unnecessary expense, effort, and frustration. You’ll know exactly what you need to invest in moving forward with your business because you’ll have clarity about your message, who you want to work with, and confidence in the results you get for clients...absolute magic!

Do I have lifetime access to The School of Branding?

Yep, you sure do! You can go at your own pace and revisit any module at any time. This also means you also have access when the course is updated and when it runs live.

Does The School of Branding cover fonts, colors, taglines, and stuff like that?

The School of Branding is primarily a course that covers how to shape and craft your brand from the inside out. We cover your Brand Foundation so that your branding makes sense for your brand.

Is there a refund policy?

Ahhh...the dreaded refund debate. Here’s the thing...I hope as you have read through what The School of Branding offers you will know whether or not it’s right for you and your business. I’m confident in not only the content but the support you receive from me as well. If for any reason you decide it’s not right for you, simply email the work you’ve completed within 14 days of purchase and I’ll refund you in full. Again, I’d rather you be ABSOLUTELY sure that you’d like to learn from me than enroll in a course that isn’t right for you.

Investing in your brand is one of the most important things you will do for your business and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

Will I get access to you?

Yes, this is why I only run the course ‘live’ periodically. I want to get to know you and your business goals and dreams. No one gets left behind in this course, that’s my promise to you!

What makes this brand course different from other ones I’m looking at?

I can only speak for this course and I believe that the level of support you receive is exceptional. I have honed this process over the last ten years and quite frankly, it works. The School of Branding is a unique lens through which to view your brand and how you show up and I don’t know of another course like it!

Ready to have the business you want with a brand you love?
Enroll in the School of Branding

I’m looking forward to working with you on building a brand that you love so that you can have the business you want!